2014 Engagement Impact Grants

The Office of Outreach and Engagement Impact Grant program supports the application of innovative and creative scholarship to address important societal challenges and fulfills Ohio State’s land-grant university commitment to public service by partnering with communities to address challenges of local, national and global significance.

This year, seven programs received Engagement Impact Grant funding totaling $300,000. 

An additional $100,000 was provided to programs through the OSU Cares/OSU Extension Seed Grants and Service-Learning Grants programs. 

OSU and South Africa Collaborate to Combat Antibiotic Resistant "Superbugs"

Antibiotic resistance is a complex global health care crisis requiring a multifaceted solution with trans-disciplinary approaches and global partnerships. To address this challenge, hospitals are implementing antibiotic stewardship programs (ASP), multidisciplinary teams led by specialty trained infectious disease physicians and pharmacists, and include microbiologists and infection control preventionists. The OSU ASP is recognized nationally and internationally for its ability to improve patients' lives through the judicious use of antibiotics. By collaborating through this program to train and mentor South African pharmacists, it will provide them with the necessary skills to become active in establishing their own ASPs.

Team Lead: Debra Goff, College of Pharmacy

OSU College of Pharmacy
OSU College of Veterinary Medicine
OSU College of Medicine
OSU Wexner Medical Center
Medicine University of Cape Town Groote Schuur Hospital
Ampath National Laboratory Services, South Africa
Department of Medicine, University of Stellenbosch, South Africa
Netcare, Ltd.

Bold Booths: A New Strategy to Engage Columbus and its Infrastructures

The project interjects thought-provoking and functional architectural installations in downtown Columbus' more banal spaces: surface parking lots. It involves collaboration between faculty and students from the university with other organizations supporting ColumbusPublicArt, as well as leading professional designers. These new booths, once valued merely for their ability to watch over vehicles in exchange for dollar bills and credit card swipes, will become exchange points in the city for exploration of public art.

Team Lead: Beth Blostein, Knowlton School of Architecture

OSU Knowlton School of Architecture
OSU College of Engineering
OSU College of Arts and Sciences
Capital Crossroads Special Improvement District

Creation of the Central Ohio Community Technology Clinic

The Community Technology Clinic is an interdisciplinary collaborative endeavor, serving as a haven within an under-served Columbus-area neighborhood to enable the design of novel technological solutions, tailored to the needs of community members, provide course-work and research opportunities for faculty and students, and serve as an instrument of change in addressing immediate needs of residents. Ultimately, transformational change will occur through improvement of services to neighborhood residents through the innovative application of technology.

Team Lead: Kevin Passino, College of Engineering

OSU College of Engineering
OSU College of Social Work
OSU College of Education and Human Ecology
Columbus Coalition for the Homeless
Catholic Social Services
Healthy Worthington Resource Center and Food Pantry

Ghana Sustainable Change Program

This is an interdisciplinary service-learning study abroad program that provides culturally sensitive, localized district planning to assist the Offinso North District in meeting the challenges of population growth. The program focuses on working hand-in-hand with the community, that includes a pre-travel, interdisciplinary group of undergraduate and graduate OSU students to determine a series of focus projects including housing, mapping and land use planning, water, sanitation, public health, agriculture, and more. In May session, students travel to the Offinso North District to implement these projects in collaboration with local teams of District staff and university students from the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology.

Team Lead: Jennifer Evans-Cowley, Knowlton School of Architecture, with coordination from City and Regional Planning Section

OSU College of Engineering
OSU Knowlton School of Architecture
OSU College of Public Health
OSU Center for African Studies
OSU School of Environmental and Natural Resources
OSU Fisher College of Business
OSU Office of International Affairs
Offinso North District Assembly
Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Ghana
Brong Ahafo (Ghana) Association of Columbus, Ohio
planning NEXT
University of California at Berkeley
Habitat for Humanity, Mid-Ohio
Ghana International Organization for Migration and United States Association for International Migration
Ghana Sustainable Change Program Alumni

Inclusive and Equitable Neighborhood Revitalization on Columbus' Southside: A University and Community Partnership to Assure Diversity and Inclusion in the Neighborhood's Renaissance

This program will leverage the partnership with local neighborhood leadership, to apply Ohio State's expertise and analytical capabilities to bring about a Renaissance on Columbus' south side. The partnership will bolster the neighborhood's diversity through inclusive community planning and neighborhood engagement that builds a bridge of social capital among the community's diverse populations. As the Renaissance emerges, this initiative hopes to produce an equitable and opportunity- rich community and also provide a model of re-vitalization for neighborhoods locally and nationally.

Team Lead: Jason Reece, Kirwan Institute for the Study of Race and Ethnicity

The Kirwan Institute for the Study of Race and Ethnicity
OSU Moritz College of Law
OSU John Glenn School for Public Affairs
Community Development for All People

Understanding Barriers to Reproductive Health Care Among Somali Women in Columbus, Ohio

Somali immigrants in the US have low levels of preventative health care utilization. Particularly for women, lack of utilization of reproductive health services has negative impacts for women directly, and for their children, families and the community as a whole. Through qualitative research with Somali women in Columbus, this study will assess barriers to reproductive healthcare utilization. We will consider, for example, how cultural and language differences, low medical literacy, and discrimination may create barriers to healthcare for immigrant women. Through engagement with members of the Somali community, we will develop evidence-based, culturally-acceptable programmatic interventions to improve care around prenatal care, births, STI treatment, and cervical cancer prevention.

Team Lead: Alison Norris, College of Public Health

OSU College of Public Health
OSU College of Medicine
Center for Somali Women's Advancement
District Office for Congresswoman Joyce Beatty, 3rd Ohio Congressional District
Columbus Public Health
Community Relations, City of Columbus
Barbara K. Brandt, Inc.

Camp NERF (Nutrition Education Recreation and Fitness): A Summer Intervention Designed to Empower Disadvantaged Children to Make Healthy Dietary and Physical Activity Choices and Prevent Unhealthy Weight Gain

Childhood obesity negatively affects the physical and mental health of the child, and also academic success. Many school-aged children experience unhealthy weight gain during the summer. There is a need for evidence-based nutrition and physical activity programs to equip children with the knowledge, skills, and resources to prevent unhealthy weight gain during this time. Camp NERF is an innovative, theory-based 10-week daily nutrition and physical activity summer program, grounded in an existing, evidence-based curriculum and infused with cognitive behavioral techniques, designed to help reverse this trend in underserved school-aged children. The goal is for Camp NERF to become the prototype summer program to achieve optimal nutrition, physical activity and wellness in school-aged children across the nation.

Team Lead: Carolyn Gunther, College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences

OSU College of Food, Agricultural and Environmental Sciences
OSU Extension
OSU College of Medicine
OSU College of Education and Human Ecology
OSU College of Nursing
Nationwide Children's Hospital
Children's Hunger Alliance


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